Pallet racking and industrial shelving
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Redirack 7'8.5" Beams, USED
Terms & Conditions
We sell all product on a first come first serve basis. We will only hold equipment with a 25% deposit good for only 1 week unless otherwise discussed.

We can not guarantee all products on this site to be in stock as we make our best efforts to remove products once they have been sold.

1)  Client Responsibilities
Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews by a professional engineer are required for used racking systems / add-ons to existing systems to certify the system's products and installation as well as provide load capacity ratings. (unless specified)
Load Capacity Signage
Building Permits (unless specified)
Concrete Pads/Footings (if needed)
Forklift and/or Scissor Lift rentals (unless specified)

2)  New Pallet Racking
is eligible for a PSR Exemption Letter from the manufacturer provided the whole system is new product of the same manufacturer and it is not being added to an existing system (additional charge)

3) Used Product
is in good, reusable/certifiable condition, however it is sold "AS IS".
it is not refurbished/cleaned and may have stickers, scratches, dust/dirt or dents.

4)  Estimates 
product is not held for estimates and inventory changes frequently 
prices are subject to change and will only be honored until the expiration date of the estimate, if no expiry date is listed it will be assumed that it is valid for 15 days

5)  Custom Orders
estimated production dates are based at time of original request with the manufacturer and are subject to change
non-refundable deposits may be required
product may not be returned

6)  Deliveries
Available with our own truck in the GTA depending on order size
Third party deliveries for all others (NOTE: damages/discrepancies must be noted with the driver on the waybill and then communicated to us)
Additional fees apply for deliveries to non-commercial properties and/or properties without loading docks

7)  Storage Fees
Canadian Rack reserves the right to charge storage fees on orders that are deferred for pick up or delivery.  Fee to be determined based on size of order and how long it will be held.

8)  Damages / Discrepancies
Orders received with damaged product and/or discrepancies in quantities must be communicated within 3 days of receipt for the issue to be resolved

9)  Returns
need to be made or brought to our attention with 7 days of receipt of goods
product damaged by the client that is unsellable will not be returned
a restocking fee of 15% will be applied to undamaged, returned product
a restocking fee of 30 % will be applied if damaged but still usable (ie. scratches and slight dents)

10)  Payment
We accept cash, company cheques, bank drafts, e-transfers and EFT payments
Visa & MasterCard – 2.9% processing fee added
Product remains the property of Canadian Rack Technologies until fully paid
Purchase Orders required for all invoices with payment terms
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